If your dream trip to Paris involves having a view of the Eiffel Tower from your hotel room, we've found five affordable options.

If you won a free weekend trip with transport & accommodations paid, where would you go? That’s the question with which we were faced recently, as I (Laura) won a trip from work. The criteria for the prize were: up to €200/night for the room, max 3 nights, and it had to be accessible by train or bus from Amsterdam. We normally wouldn’t spend €200/night on our accommodations, so we wanted to pick somewhere with a great bang for our buck – thus narrowed our options down to London and Paris. We’ve been to both cities before but ultimately chose Paris as we wanted something low-key, as we were each fitting the weekend trip in between two long work trips.

Initially, I tried to plan the trip as a surprise for Anthony to take place over Valentine’s Day weekend – and to make it more special, I wanted to see if it was possible to find a hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Lemme tell you, it took way too many hours of research and creating Google Docs with comparison tables of room rates and geotagged photos on Instagram to pick a viable option. However, I figured I could share that research in case any of you find yourselves one day also Googling “Paris hotels with Eiffel Tower views”.

Some tips to keep in mind when looking for a room with an Eiffel Tower view:

  • For many hotels that are advertised to have Eiffel views, only certain room types actually have a view of the Tower. Trying looking at all of the room types available and seeing if they mention “Eiffel Tower view” in the name. Or, go through the photos for each room type and see if they show the view from the room. I would also suggest going on the hotel’s website and reading the room descriptions, as they often specify which room you have to book in order to get the view. Don’t be fooled by hotels that advertise their views using photos from their most expensive suites.
  • Try to request a room on the highest floor possible. Even in a well-situated hotel, it’ll be a much different view from a lower angle vs a higher one (you’ll see more of the tower).
  • If possible, find a hotel/room with a balcony – that’ll guarantee that you can get an unobstructed view of the Eiffel, and makes for even nicer photos. In most cases, you’ll have to pay extra for a room with a balcony.
  • When researching hotels, look up tagged photos of the hotel’s account on Instagram to see views from real guests who have stayed there. Don’t just look at the hotel’s own account as they often post views from the best rooms/suites and photos from influencers who may use Photoshop/move around furniture/use excessive props to make the room look better than it is.
  • The best part of having an Eiffel view room is seeing the lights show (which Anthony will never let me live down – the first time we visited Paris, I told him it wasn’t worth planning around 🙉) from your room! The show starts on the hour, every hour between sunset and 1 AM, and lasts for 5 minutes (except the 1 AM show which lasts 10 minutes).

Without further ado, here are our suggestions for Paris hotels with a view, starting with the one we stayed in.

#1: The Citadines Tour Eiffel

Note that this image is from the “Deluxe Studio” room option (the normal “Studio” does not have a balcony). Photo from Booking.com

Room type(s) to look for: “Studio with Eiffel Tower View”, “1-Bedroom Apartment Eiffel Tower View”
Price: From €194/night
Photos: Click here for tagged photos
Comments: We really enjoyed our stay here; we thought the room was a good size for Paris standards, with modern and clean amenities. It’s considered an “aparthotel” so there is no daily housekeeping but the front desk is open 24/7, and it was a nice plus to have a full kitchen.

#2: Jardins d’Eiffel

This view is from the “Privilege Room”. Photo from Booking.com

Room type(s) to look for: “Privilege Room” – certain rooms have a partial or total balcony view on the Eiffel, which is by request and subject to availability.
Price: From €160/night
Photos: Click here for tagged photos

#3: First Hotel Paris – Tour Eiffel

Probably from the “Prestige Double Room Comtesse – Eiffel Tower Front View with Balcony” room. Photo from Booking.com

Room type(s) to look for: “Deluxe Double/Twin Room with Eiffel Tower view”, “Suite with Eiffel Tower view”. Specifically, Room 504 & 505 have great balcony views! Check out the hotel’s Instagram Highlights for more room views.
Price: From €150/night
Photos: Click here for tagged photos, and click here for an authentic guest one (who stayed in room 505)

#4: Hotel La Comtesse

This is an example of a room with a “front view”. Photo from Booking.com

Room type(s) to look for: All rooms have a side (partial) or front view! The “Front View” ones will face the Eiffel directly, whereas the “Side View” have an angled view like this. Unless noted in the name, only some rooms feature a balcony that you can walk onto/sit on. Check out the hotel’s Instagram Highlights for specific room views & amenities.
Price: Starting at €195/night
Photos: Click here for tagged photos

#5: Le Parisis Paris Tour Eiffel

This is from the “Junior Suite – Eiffel Tower View” room. Photo from Booking.com

Room type(s) to look for: “Double Room with Eiffel Tower View”, “Double Room with Top Eiffel Tower View”, “Privilege Double Room with Eiffel Tower View”, “Junior Suite with Eiffel Tower View”. Make sure to request a room on the highest floor possible.
Price: Starting at €150/night
Photos: Click here for tagged photos

And that concludes the roundup! Needless to say, there are plenty more hotels in Paris with Eiffel Tower views besides these five – but I narrowed it down to these ones as having the best price-to-view ratio. Of course, you may have to pay a bit extra for the “view” rooms or get lucky when requesting a room with a balcony – but it beats having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to stay at the Pullman or Shangri-La.

If you do end up staying in any of these hotels, please let us know how your experience goes!